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Remote Physiotherapy Assessments

As many of you know by now, my clinic is temporarily closed for face to face contacts. I do however, know that many women can still benefit from an online consultation.

How will this differ from a face to face consultation?

Using we will arrange to talk at a time that suits you. After an in depth discussion, I will decide if I need to conduct an assessment of your movement, posture and ask you to tell me how certain areas feel when you press on them yourself. drawing all this information together, I will guide you with written information, videos and links that will help you with your recovery.

Will the cost be the same?

At this difficult time many of us will have money worries. Although you will receive the same great service from me, the cost will be reduced to £50 for an initial consultation and £25 for a 30 minute follow up. In clinic all appointments are usually for an hour but as there is no hands on therapy occuring, the follow up appointments have been shortened. This will allow time for a catch up and exercise/management progression.

Can I return to see you face to face when restrictions are lifted?

Yes! The idea of these virtual appointments are to enable your rehabilitation to begin and encourage self management. If you still need hands on treatment in the future, this can be arranged.

Who will you see via the virtual appointments?

I am happy to see anyone I would have seen face to face!

For further information, please get in touch via the contact form on each of the website pages.

Stay safe and take care.

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