The Mummy MOT Post Natal Assessment


The Mummy MOT is the ultimate post natal check up. The main focus of your GP post natal check is to talk to you about contraception and check that your baby is doing ok. Rarely do you get a look in! That’s why spending time with a physiotherapist is such an important part of your recovery.

When can I book a Mummy MOT?

You can book your Mummy MOT post natal assessment any time from 6 weeks onwards. There is no upper limit of time as once you’ve given birth, you’re always post natal!

What does the Mummy MOT involve?

The Mummy MOT post natal assessment is conducted by a Woman’s Health Physiotherapist who has trained with Maria Elliot. You may find a physio local to you who does a similar post natal assessment. Firstly, I take an in depth history is taken of your pregnancy, labour and delivery. All are equally important to your recovery. We discuss and issues you feel that you have following the birth of your baby whether that be via a C-section or vaginal birth. It may be that sex is painful, you leak when you sneeze or that your pelvic girdle pain has never settled.

Following the chat, I will look at your breathing, posture, spine movement, tummy muscle seperation (rectus diastasis) and core cylinder. I may assess your pelvic floor strength if you are in agreement. If you have any other concerns such as shoulder or wrist pain, I will also take a look at those areas.

C-section and episiotomy scars can cause pain and discomfort, and I can show you how to help these heal well with scar massage.

Planning your Rehabilitation 

Following your Mummy MOT post natal assessment, we can formulate a rehabilitation programme together. It is important that you are part of this and that realistic goals are put in place. We need to consider what you have to do in your daily life. Do you have a toddler who doesn’t like to be in the pushchair? Have you got relatives to care for? Did you have an issue with your back prior to pregnancy? Are you keen to return to your sport as soon as possible? All these factors will make a difference to your rehab.

What next?

Following your Mummy MOT post natal assessment you may need some further input from a physio. This may be in the form of specific pelvic floor or rectus diastasis rehabilitation, scar massage and myofascial release. It may be progression of exercise to help you return to your normal, fit self.

What do you need to consider?

Recovery from birth can take time. We all know that one mum who ‘bounced back’ but in my experience, that is not the norm. Recovering from birth and becoming a mum, whether that’s the first, second, third time takes a period of readjustment. Focusing in the early weeks on hydration, nutrition and gentle movement is paramount. Accepting help from those around you, can be difficult first time round, but can make life much easier.

Remember, every pregnancy, birth and recovery is different – please try not to compare yourself with anyone else.

If you’re interested in booking a Mummy MOT post natal assessment, please take a look here,


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