If you're not sure what's wrong, but things aren't right, take a look through the symptoms list below...

As an experienced women's health physiotherapist, I can help you understand and improve your pelvic health symptoms.  I believe that this is a much needed, somewhat neglected area of women's wellbeing, and all too often women suffer in silence. However, there really is no need to ignore the symptoms you may have any longer.  I promise to listen to your whole story as well as directing questions to help me truly understand what you are going through. Together we will look at all aspects of your life and health so we can formulate a plan together. 


Pelvic health

Pregnancy & post-natal

Cancer rehabilitation

This sounds like me... what should I do?

Sometimes you've been everywhere and had lots of different tests, but there are no answers as to why you have your problem. If you haven't tried physio, then this should be your next step. Taking a whole body, integrative approach may well help with your pain and symptoms.

I provide physiotherapy assessment and treatment for pelvic health and gynaecological concerns, whether they be post natal, menopausal or post-operative. Physio-led Pilates may be ideal during your rehabilitation or maybe you've under gone treatment for cancer and want to know what you can do next.

Physiotherapy should be the first line of treatment for incontinence and prolapse and can make huge improvements to your symptoms. Take a look at this article from the CSP

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