What happens when you come to clinic – an overview.

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Signage on the front of the building is for KRD Financial Advisors Ltd. Please do not use carpark at the front of the building. Drive slowly down the side of the building (people may be leaving the clinic via the side door) and park at the rear. You are welcome to use the carpark for the duration of your visit but please vacate after your appointment. There is parking on the high street for 3 hours should you wish to stay for longer.

There are no waiting room facilities in the clinic so please remain in your car or outside until you are called in for your appointment. There is a bell, however I may not be able to come to the door if I am still with a patient.
The door to the clinic is on the side of the building on the drive to the carpark. Please take care when entering and leaving the door. This is always locked for both patient and clinician safety. There is a shallow step into the clinic without a handrail.

Whilst we are no longer required to wear face masks in medical settings please feel free to use one should you wish or if you consider yourself vulnerable. The room is ventilated between patients via an open window. Cleaning of high touch areas also takes place between patients.
You will be welcomed into the treatment room and the door is locked for privacy. If you would prefer this not to happen please advise me as soon as we enter the room.

Initially you will be asked to take a seat or stand depending on comfort, whilst your concerns and symptoms are discussed in depth. This part of the assessment is extremely valuable and whilst you may be asked more personal questions, which you do not have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable.

Following the initial discussion, and with your consent, a physical assessment will take place. Usually this involves removing clothes down to your underwear so that your posture and movement can be assessed. If this makes you uncomfortable then please let me know and we can work around it. We aim to be inclusive of all women seeking our guidance.

Throughout the assessment, you will have the opportunity to feedback how comfortable you are, and we will ask for your consent to continue. Should you wish to stop the assessment at any time please feel free. You are also welcome to ask questions about the techniques we are using during our assessment and treatment.

Following your assessment, we shall discuss the findings and form some functional goals that you wish to achieve. The risks and benefits of treatment will be explained, and I will ensure that you have a full understanding of any treatment options available.

If you agree, it may be that you require a vaginal or rectal examination. You can request to terminate this at anytime even if you have previously consented.

During your assessment or treatment, you will understand why certain techniques are being used and the potential outcome. Occasionally you can feel soreness following treatment which should subside within a day or two. If discomfort continues and you have any concerns, please contact the clinic.

You will be given advice and exercises for self-management between sessions. This may be in the form of handwritten notes, videos or links to websites / YouTube pages. If you require these in a language other than English, BSL or Braille, please feel free to ask.

Whilst your appointment is an hour this does also include writing of notes, admin and sending of information so face to face time will be less.
Should you have any question regarding your assessment or treatment before or following your appointment please contact the clinic on fiona@fionamitchellphysio.com

We are unable to provide a chaperone service at the clinic. If you wish to attend a clinic where this service is available, please let us know and we can advise on other local clinics with this facility.

There is a small step into the clinic and corridors / doors are not compatible to wheelchair use. If you wish to attend a clinic where better access is available, please let us know and we can advise on other local clinics with this facility.

Please do not attend your appointment if you are unwell.

Please find our privacy policy here

Version 3 – 4th September 2023

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