Cancer rehab

Physiotherapy can be an important part of your management during and after treatment for breast and gynecological cancers

During treatment for your cancer there may be plenty of input from different areas offering support and help with symptom relief. However, many women feel that once their treatment is over, they feel isolated and confused about what to do and where to go with the next stage of their recovery.

Physiotherapy can be an integral part of your treatment and post treatment journey. We are experts in movement and rehabilitation as well as hands on therapy. Scar tissue may become cause restriction to movement, pelvic floor symptoms may cause a delay in return to intimacy. Physiotherapy can help you return to the life you want to lead.


  • Improving confidence & strength
  • Improving fitness, bone and heart health
  • Balancing hormones through exercise, lifestyle and stress management
  • Managing scar tissue to promote confident, fearless movement
  • Optimising pelvic health and function

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    A senior woman battling cancer talks with her doctor at the hospital. She is wearing a headcovering and smiling. The shot is over the doctor's right shoulder.

    what my clients say

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    Fiona is an absolutely brilliant physiotherapist

    Her friendly manner makes you instantly feel at ease. She is so thorough in her assessment and knowledgeable in her field that you feel better just from talking to her and understanding what your problem is before she has even done anything! I was really anxious about seeing anyone following some issues that I have had postpartum but Fiona was so caring and helpful I am so glad that I did!

    Kaz Bolsher
    As both a client, and professional who refers on to Fiona I am confident in recommending her services.

    I strongly feel that all ladies should benefit from Fiona's wealth of expertise in Womens Health be it for a postnatal Mummy MOT or for other Women's health issues. Fiona addresses all with compassion, helping ladies to feel at ease in situations where there may be some nervousness, concern or embarrassment. Fiona helps to educate ladies about their bodies, explaining what needs to be done, but also why. If you are considering it, book an appointment now!

    Charlotte Taylor
    Fiona is an expert in her field and I’m so grateful she is on my doorstep.

    I first saw Fiona for pelvic physiotherapy following an prolapse operation and she did a superb job. I now see her whenever a physical problem crops up that I can’t fix myself. I also attend weekly Pilates classes and I’m amazed at my progress, renewed strength in my core and throughout my body. She recently shared her knowledge and expertise on the menopause and I am eternally grateful. Fiona strikes the perfect balance of being friendly whilst brilliantly professional.

    Nicola Heathcote