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Current Clinic Standard Operating Procedures due to Covid-19

Follow COVID-19 triage pathway to establish face to face or virtual assessment – see CSP and PhysioFirst Guidelines

If face to face treatment is indicated:

  • Send registration form which includes consent
  • Send Covid-19 questionnaire 24 hours prior to appointment
  • Advise client that the decision to receive treatment is their choice and explain risks involved
  • Clients will be sent information on what to expect when attending appointment
  • It will be recommended that clients attend alone unless they need a chaperone or translator. Mothers will be encouraged not to bring babies and infants to appointments

On arrival at clinic:

  • Clients will be asked to stay in car or outside and before entering the clinic will be called and asked questions on Covid-19 questionnaire again
  • If Covid-19 screening is clear the client will be asked to come to the clinic door
  • They will be asked not to knock on the door which will be opened by the therapist
  • On entering the clinic they will be required to apply alcohol gel and unless they are already doing so, apply a face mask (unless contraindicated)
  • All doors will be opened and closed by the therapist

On entering the treatment room:

  • The client will sit in the plastic chair provided which will be a 2m distance from the therapist
  • The therapist will conduct a brief subjective update, and objective assessment maintaining social distancing as much as possible
  • The client will be treated as appropriate
  • Couch roll will be used on the plinth with wipeable pillows
  • Any towels used will be washed at 60 degrees and dried outside where possible
  • Any information needed will be emailed or send via WhatsApp to patient rather than written down

On finishing the treatment session:

  • The client will continue to wear the mask until they have left the building and will dispose of it themselves
  • Payment will be taken via bank transfer – no cash will be accepted
  • The client will leave the building and PPE will then be removed by therapist disposing of it into the bin

Between clients:

  • At least a 15 minute gap will be left to enable cleaning of the treatment room, toilet and high touch areas
  • The therapist will wash their hands pre and post treatment and use alcohol gel
  • Windows and doors will be opened to allow airing of the room

Toilet Facilities:

  • Toilet facilities including door handles will be cleaned between patients if they have been used
  • Clients will be encouraged to follow proper handwashing techniques and use the paper towels provided to dry their hands
  • Liquid soap will be provided
  • Alcohol gel will be provided for use after handwashing


  • The therapist will wear a face mask, gloves and apron throughout the consultation. This will be changed after every appointment
  • The client will be provided with a face mask should they not have one
  • Should the client require a DVE or DRE then a visor will be worn for extra protection

Removal of Rubbish:

  • Rubbish from the clinic will be double bagged
  • It will then be removed from the room at the end of the day and stored for 72 hours prior to being disposed of in general household waste

End of Session Cleaning

  • The room will receive a deep clean between sessions to prevent build up of dust
  • Antibacterial spray will be sprayed onto the carpet
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