Cleaning sprays and bottles

Clinic Cleaning Policy

  • All surfaces will be cleaned after the clinic room has been used for client treatment – a 15 minute gap will be left between appointments
  • Cleaning will be completed using disposable paper towel and antibacterial spray
  • Special attention will be paid to areas that the client has been in touch with – chair, plinth and weigh equipment
  • All equipment and soft furnishings that cannot be cleaned between clients will be removed from the clinic room
  • The carpet will be vacuumed at the end of the session and sprayed with antibacterial spray between clients
  • A thorough clean will occur at the end of each session – all surfaces will be wiped and kept free of dust
  • Windows will be cleaned at the end of each session
  • Clients will be discouraged from using the toilet however if it is used, all surfaces will be wiped down with antibacterial spray and disposable paper towel
  • Door handles and light switches will not be touched by the client however will be wiped down between patients
  • All rubbish will be double bagged and removed from the clinic. It will remain in storage for 72 hours before being disposed of in household waste
  • Any towels that need to be used will be removed from the clinic and washed at 60 degrees and dried outside where possible
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