The Mummy MOT Post Natal Assessment

  The Mummy MOT is the ultimate post natal check up. The main focus of your GP post natal check is to talk to you about contraception and check that your baby is doing ok. Rarely do you get a look in! That’s why spending time with a physiotherapist is such an important part of […]

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Photo of a young mother holding her newborn baby, while putting him to sleep

Why post-natal Pilates?

Have you recently had a baby and are wondering about exercise? You can return to lots of different types of exercise after having your baby, but are they right for you? You can do too much too soon, your body hasn’t healed as well as it could have and all of a sudden, you’re expecting […]

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Female physical exercise to help pelvic floor

What is your pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor (PF), also known as the perineum, is the sling of muscles, and sphincters (openings) of your bladder and urethra, vagina and anus. You could liken it to the shape of a hammock. It involves a network of tendons, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue that supports the contents of your abdominal cavity and […]

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Beautiful Ethnic Mom Holds Her Infant Girl

Healthy Pelvic Floor Habits!

1. Use a stool for your stool! Place a stool under your feet to lift your knees towards your chest. Sit tall and relax your abdomen. Open your knees wide and rest your elbows on your knees, leaning forward from your hips. Now relax and let nature take its course. Never strain as this puts […]

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Woman sitting in poor posture

Horrible Pelvic Floor Habits!

1. Regularly stopping your flow of urine. Only use this test OCCASIONALLY to see how your pelvic floor is working. It is important that you do this test in the middle of passing urine. You must never push down on your pelvic floor to empty your bladder; just relax your abdomen forward. 2. Hovering over […]

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